textured caps tutorial

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Anonymous asked: do you have a tutorial on how to make icons please
  • um
  • you just have to paste a picture in a 100x100 document?
  • take this cap for example
  • it’s cropped in landscape form, so adjust the height to something around 100-150
  • paste it in the 100x100 document, and you can just choose any angle/cropping you like tbh
Anonymous asked: /post/18657924528/15-days-of-misfits-day-1-character-nathan-young did you use a color filter or tint for that?

i only used a gradient, but it’s customized so i’ll just share a psd


how to remove backgrounds from pictures

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Anonymous asked: how do you go about sharpening your gifs?

sharpen more > adjust image size > sharpen

How to make glowy effects on pictures

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Anonymous asked: how is it that your graphics are still sharpened when you post it on tumblr (i know that tumblr ruins the quality) but how do you do it?

Tumblr only ruins the quality if the graphic’s more than 500kb

So if your graphic’s more than 500kb, it’s best to save it in .jpg file to lower the size :)

If the picture’s hq, like 2100x1000 px or something, it’s best to sharpen it before you resize it (i sharpen mine up to 3 times.). but if the pic’s low quality, it’s best not to sharpen it.  and if you’re uploading a picture that’s more than 500 kb, tumblr tends to mess with the quality so it’s better to save it as a jpg file
a blog can only hold up to 200 posts in one tag, which is why people tag their posts like, “name [1]” so their original tag wouldn’t clog up

how to put a mustache in a picture

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how to make transition gifs

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